Things I Like: Callie's Charleston Biscuits


Funny how good news travel fast.

I happen to be quite lucky to have a family as passionate about food as I am, so when a delightful treat makes it's way into someone's mouth, it doesn't take long for it to end up on everyone else's table - which was the case a few Christmas's ago, when Callie's Charleston Biscuits found their way onto our holiday table in Lake Tahoe, by way of San Francisco, via Charleston. You would think the stars had fallen from heaven, the excitement these little morsels stirred up. And they just might as well have.

My oldest sister had tried the Country Ham Biscuits on a recent trip to Chucktown, and brought back 4 dozen upon her return, just in time for the holidays. We all oohed and aahhed at the small wonders: each bite filled with finely chopped Virginia Country Ham and swirled with Dijon Mustard Butter. Even though one is enough, you just have to go back for another (or three or four). I've heard that their other flavors - including Cheese & Chive, Buttermilk, and Cinnamon - are mighty fine as well, but we southerners tend to stick to our guns, so ham it is for the Dozier clan. 

Personally, I think these make the best hostess gifts, holiday presents or just a sweet "I love you." If anyone I know is reading this (wait, the only people who read this blog are my family), feel free to send over a batch! Until then, I'll be counting down the days until Christmas.

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