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Summer is in full gear, which means so are the barbecues. I can't believe that 4th of July is this weekend! Some one pinch me. Here's a little link love to get you ready for the weekend.

I've been busy over at The Kitchn. Check out my crunchy pecan waffles, crispy pork chops, and quick-and-easy crab cakes.

Want to throw the ultimate Independence Day bash? Use the details of my epic crawfish boil for a little inspiration. (at Cooking Channel)

This bourbon ice cream looks like the perfect grown up way to beat the heat. I can't wait to try it! (at The Way the Cookie Crumbles)

Hmmm. I only wish that I came up with this loaded "baked" potato salad (at Serious Eats)

My deviled egg secret is butter, too. Butter makes everything better! (at Ezra Pound Cake)

Who knew a Reuben Sandwich could be so sexy? (at Mississippi Kitchen)

After spending a semester in Italy, this Baked Manicotti takes me to my happy place. (at Bunky Cooks)

I ripped this recipe for Roman-style pizza out of May's Bon Appetit, but it seems somebody else beat me to it. (at Food Nouveau)

This Chocolate Hazelnut Cake leaves me a little breathless. Is it getting hot in here? (at Tasty Kitchen)