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I've been busy over at The Kitchn recreating amazing recipes inspired by my trip to Taiwan. So far both the steamed pork buns and the sweet and sour chicken have been a grand success!

Also at The Kitchn, don't forget to check out my braised beef stroganoff and three cheese tomato tart.

And elsewhere around the web...

I'm pretty sure I make the best chocolate chip cookies around, but maybe I'll give these chocolate chip cookies a try anyways, just to be sure. (At Alexis Napa)

I love marshmallow fluff more than a fat kid loves, well, marshmallow fluff. This marshmallow cream-hot fudge sundae sent me straight to the pantry to get a spoonful of the stuff to snack on. And yes, I always have it on hand. (At Bon Appetit)

I've been on a crazy chicken kick lately. This chicken with tomato herb pan sauce, this cheesy basil stuffed chicken, and this cilantro-lime chicken all look super tasty to me. (At Annie's Eats, Mel's Kitchen Cafe, and Katherine Martinelli, respectively)

I love everything these guys write, and the napkin note wasn't any different. I don't even have kids, but I am a really sentimental person and can't wait to do things like this for my imaginary children. (At Dinner: A Love Story)

Homemade tater tots just seem right up my alley. Perhaps I'll even take it a step further and stir them into a casserole! (At The Kitchen via Cook's Country)

I need every single item in this imaginary kitchen, except for no. 14 which I already have in that very same color. Birthday present anyone? (At Odessa May Society)