Thanksgiving Roundup: Day 3

I love that during November all of the food magazines, websites, and blogs become completely overridden with all things turkey. But at the same time the holiday onslaught can be just a little (or a lot) overwhelming. Here's my dirty little secret: I have never cooked a single Thanksgiving recipe from any of those sources listed above. In my mind, Thanksgiving is all about tradition, and that means I expect the same meal each and every year, no questions asked. Which means we cook from the same family recipes passed down through the generations. That being said, that tiny fact doesn't stop me from ripping pages from every magazine and bookmarking every blog with avengence. Perhaps one of these years I'll get a wild hair and switch up my mamma's dressing. Should that day ever come, here's a short-list of recipes I deem worthy of rocking the (gravy) boat.

I'll be enjoying fried turkey this year, however last year I made this simple roast turkey recipe from D'Artagnan paired with my heritage breed bird. It was the juiciest, most delicious turkey I'd ever eaten! You can bet it will be the only recipe I use when I tackle Thanksgiving for my own family one day. (At D'Artagnan)

Zuni Cafe is famous for their roast chicken, but it is the accompanying warm bread salad that makes me weak at the knees. Who says it wouldn't pair just as nicely with a slow-roasted turkey? (At Smitten Kitchen)

Sweet potatoes are mandatory at my holiday table. If I was ever willing to give up my molten marshmallow-topped casserole, I might give Giada's sweet potato gnocchi a try. It would definitely throw my traditionalist Southern family for a loop! (At Food Network)

Brussels Sprouts are enjoying their time in the limelight right now; I think Molly just may have outdone herself with these cream-braised brussels sprouts. I'm drooling. (At Orangette)

I've had a crush on this chard and onion panade since I bookmarked it a year ago. If I may quote Luisa here, this is "peasant food for the gods, if you will." Yes. Yes I will. (At Wednesday Chef)

As much as I love pie, on Thanksgiving I'm all about the flare: I developed a sky-high pumpkin spiced cake earlier this month, and last year I served a Texas chocolate triple layer cake. This autumn delight cake made with sweet potatoes and ginger might give those other two a run for their money. (At Sweetapolita)

I've got too many spare cans of pumpkin to count. This pumpkin mousse might not show up on actual Thanksgiving day, but I can guarantee it may appear the day after. (At Spoon Fork Bacon)

Okay, that's what I've got. Do you still need more inspiration? The awe-inspiring Zach and Clay have indexed the Thanksgiving recipes from all their favorite food magazines! If this doesn't help you find a recipe then I don't know what will. Good luck! (At Bitten Word)