Introducing Dixie Caviar's "Spotlight On"

Let's mix things up a bit here at Dixie Caviar, shall we?

I'd like to introduce my newest column, "Spotlight On," where I explore culinary happenings above and beyond this bustling Georgia kitchen. There's a lot more to my life as a food writer than just creating recipes, and I feel that I've been unjustly keeping it all from you. (I'm sorry! Will you forgive me?) On any given day or night I'm discovering a helpful kitchen trick, tasting a new ingredient, sampling a hot Atlanta chef's creation, or pouring through my latest cookbook conquest.

Over the past few years I've acquired a seemingly never-ending list of new recipes to try, thought-provoking articles to share, and trusted resources to refer back to. My list goes beyond food, too. As a former Los Angeles-based wedding + event planner (not to mention a bride-to be), I've got hundreds of tear sheets ripped and photographs pinned related to all things entertaining. With tons of inspiration always bubbling right below the surface, I can only question why I've been keeping these ideas to myself for so long?

Dixie Caviar is first and foremost a recipe blog, but I definitely think it has *lots* of room to grow. I hope this new column reveals a bit more of my delicious world. Because that's what food—and love—is all about: sharing the goodness with those around you.

Look for the "Spotlight On"

  • Favorite kitchen tools, cookbooks & recipe resources
  • Enlightening food stories, blog posts, & cooking how-to's
  • Inspirational parties, planning tips & themes
  • Conversation-starting discussions, culinary musings & kitchen ramblings

Is there anything else food or party-related YOU would like to see here on Dixie Caviar? Let me know and I'll add it to the bucket list. Now here's to letting no (Southern) stone go unturned!