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It's been a productive week for Dixie Caviar. This week I (finally) launched my new "Spotlight On" column—look for the first feature this Monday. I've also been tweaking a 3-posts-per-week editorial calendar for the blog; hopefully a little structure will keep a fire burning under my ass behind. I've been on an ice cream-making bender, so look out for a number of fun flavors in the upcoming weeks. I'm also looking forward to some major summer grillings sessions (see "grilling guide" below). I promise to share everything I learn here.

Until next time, here's some links to get you through the weekend. And Happy Mother's Day to Cathy and Tina!

Here's my latest

Homemade Cracker Jack — at The Kitchn

In continuation of my "ultimate snack bar" theme, I finally got around to making a recipe that's been on my to-make list for a long time: homemade Cracker Jack. Now that I have figured out how easy it is—not too mention far superior to store bought—I'll be whipping it up all the time.

The Usual, a.k.a the Screwdriver — at The Kitchn

After a long night at the restaurant, I can count on one of two cocktails sitting on the counter waiting for me (thanks to a very kind fiancé). Our version of the screwdriver—mine with vodka, his with gin—includes fresh-squeezed orange juice and a splash of soda. It's perfection in a glass.

And elsewhere around the web

How awesome are these outdoor tents from Shelter Co.? Based in California, these bring new meaning to the term "glamping." I've already emailed my San Francisco-based sister about the possibility of a joint August birthday featuring one or two. Keep your fingers crossed. (via A Subtle Revelry)

I discovered this little gem, Real Talk from Your Editor, on Tumblr and didn't stop reading until I reached the very first page. Although it is maintained by the executive editor of GOOD magazine, I'm fairly certain the hilarious, spot on content is universal to all careers. (via Cup of Joe)

I am constantly inspired by the lifestyle blog Camille Styles, not only for its beautiful custom content, but because of the lovely lady behind the brand. I always love an opportunity to see "behind the curtain," like in this Behind the Blog feature that gives a little glimpse into her business-savvy brand. (via Apartment Therapy)

The Twee Party is an excellent read about the "artisinal movement" in Brooklyn, and it does a good job (in my opinion) of reflecting both sides of this so-called handmade revolution. Here's just a little taste:

... As much as these are variations on a theme, they’re also a theater of marketing one-upmanship. “Small-batch” Jam Stand jam from Red Hook is displayed near “very small batch” Bittermens bitters from Dumbo and that Early Bird granola, which is baked in “tiny batches.” Clearly, small is the new big." (via New York Magazine)

Um, I want to host a party just so I can serve Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Bars alongside really good Bourbon. I'm already feeling the burn from the hootch, cooled perfectly by rich vanilla ice cream. Swoon. (via Margaret and Joy)

Do you love Sandra Lee or hate her? (I'm certain it has to be either one or the other.) I must admit when I read this interview I wanted to stab a knife through the computer screen. I do appreciate the comments for highlighting the snobby and biased attitude of the reporter, but unfortunately her quick-witted responses, nor her woe-is-me upbringing, will ever make me like her. (via The New York Times)

I feel like in the two plus years I've been living in Atlanta that the food scene has grown by leaps and bounds. Just this week, Star Chefs announced its Atlanta Rising Stars (a shout out to Floataway Cafe would have been nice, too, but I digress), and two much-deserved Atlanta chefs, Linton Hopkins and Huch Acheson, tied for the coveted Best Chef Southeast James Beard Award. Rock on, Hotlanta!

I'm purchasing Walt a fabulous new gas grill for his big 3-0 (to go alongside his smoker, of course). To get in the spirit of the season, here's a fabulous grilling guide that I'm sure I'll be referencing all summer long. (via Serious Eats)