Southern Hospitality: Lake House Style

  Lake House Style

Walt and I, along with his other Necessary Roughness locations crew, are headed to Lake Sinclair this weekend for bit of R&R before Walt hops onto another job. I am so excited to slip into relaxation mode, even if it is for only one night. It's no matter, I can assure you we will make the very best of our twenty four hours at hand.

I grew up spending summers at Lake Martin in sweet home Alabama, and by now I consider myself a seasoned good-times pro. (In fact, check out this very old post if you need a good laugh. Man, how my priorities have changed!) While I'm off sunning & funning, here's a little lake inspiration I gathered to ensure that we all have a good time.

Lake House Style

First and foremost, itineraries be damned! Water activities are to be expected, but there's nothing wrong with the occasional nap (or two). If you get a wild hair, enjoy an impromptu picnic on the dock and a quick paddle around the slew; take a quick dip or float until your fingers are pruned. Whatever your choice, lake time is on your side.

Lake House Style

Late night festivities are where things start to get interesting. A roaring bonfire and a bottle of 'shine will help get the party started, and a high-stakes game of poker can all but guarantee a late night (clothing optional) swim. Be sure to have hotdogs and S'more kits on hand to keep any booze-related hunger at bay.

Lake House Style-4

An easy "serve-yourself" brunch is a must, especially if last night's raucousness got the best of you. Blueberry scones, granola, buttermilk biscuits, Greek yogurt, honey, and jam can be left out for guests to grab on the go. Don't forget fresh-squeezed orange juice and a bottle of bubbly—early morning mimosas by the dock are required! (You know what they say about the hair of the dog...)

At this point it's time to pack up and head home; twenty four hours sure does come and go. Hopefully there will be another Southern adventure to be had soon. Stay tuned!

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