Around the Web

Where to find Dixie Caviar's writing and recipes elsewhere around the web:

  1. Lake Cabin Cuisine via Southern Coterie
  2. Loaded "Baked Potato" Dip via The Kitchn (shown)
  3. Summer Corn Soup via The Kitchn
  4. Penne alla Vodka via The Kitchn (shown)
  5. "Bourbon & Ginger" Banana Puddings via Cooking Channel (shown)
  6. Sweet Corn Custards via Cooking Channel

And for a little horn tooting, I was so thrilled to see a Dixie Caviar shout out on the Auburn University Social Network last week. Thank you Robert French for the enthusiastic feature about my professional endeavors. I am honored to be an Auburn grad and hope to make my beloved school proud. War Eagle!!