Hello, World. It's Me, Nealey!

Oh my. It's Saturday. Heck, it's freakin' November! Sheesh, where has all the time gone? Since it's been awhile, I thought I'd pop in to say hello. (Hello!) And that yes, I am still here. Life has been a little, okay, a lot, crazy, and I needed to take a quick break from blogging to reassess and realign my priorities. You know, really take the time to think about what makes me happy. (See those furry little guys below. Those guys make me happy.)

Sometimes we aren't prepared for the curveballs sent our way. But it's the curveballs in life that lead to the next grand slam, or so they say. With a little coaching from my bench, I'm working hard to keep my eye on the ball. And it's about damn time for a home run!

 I'll be back after these messages. Stay tuned!