Pearls of Wisdom: Extra Crispy Wings

Simple is best. When it comes to cooking that is usually the case, however behind every great chef lies a few well-kept secrets. Thankfully, I love nothing more than uncovering their hidden gems. I am constantly tampering with obscure ingredients from sometimes-shady internet sources. (Like, there may or may not be contraband vanilla extract in my pantry that arrived in an unmarked envelope from the depths of Mexico...)

So what's the secret to extra crispy wings?

Experimenting with thickeners and starches is (strangely) thrilling to me, so I was stoked when I read this "trick" to extra crispy wings from Scott Heimendinger, director of applied research for Modernist Cuisine. Heimendinger tosses marinated chicken wings with a combination of potato starch and Wondra flour—two of my favorite ingredients—to get the ultimate in crunchy texture. This starchy coating forms a barrier against moisture that allows the meat to stay juicy while the skin becomes extra crisp. Even better, the Wondra holds its strength, meaning your wings (if by fluke there are any leftover) will be just as good out of the refrigerator as they were out of the fryer!



(Chicken joints around Atlanta better watch out come Super Bowl Sunday—this technique paired with a bottle of Slap may very well rock the wing-frying world!)