Edible Atlanta Feature: "Sauce Boss"

http://ediblenetwork.com/atlanta/files/2012/11/atlantaLogo.png Sorry for the absence, guys. It's been crazy on my end, but in the best way possible. This past month has been one jam-packed, exciting, and delicious blur of activity.

I am currently recipe testing for an upcoming cookbook, which is taking up every second of my spare time. (And every square inch of my refrigerator.) I have even bigger news that I cannot wait to share, but you will just have to wait until it's completely official. (Okay, fine, here's a hint. The key word is chef-instructor.)

Until then, I would like to announce my recent feature, Sauce Boss, in the inaugural issue of Edible Atlanta magazine. I am honored to share the pages with some of Georgia's most accomplished food writers and can't wait to see what comes next from this wonderful publication. Buy a copy if you live in Atlanta and help support a great cause!

I am feeling so very blessed these days, and I thank y'all for your constant support.