Entertaining Ideas: St. Patrick's Day Party

DIY-Shamrock-Cake-Toppers-2 I am marrying into an Irish family, and they take celebrating St. Paddy's Day to a whole new level. Every year I spend weeks hunting down new recipes in hopes to impress their seen-it-all crowd. On Sunday I'm excited to debut a new party pairing that may just blow all the others away. What is this pièce de résistance, you ask? Cereal milk Bourbon Punch (dyed green, of course) and ooey gooey Lucky Charms Bars. Oh yes, yes I did.

In case that doesn't inspire you to "go green," perhaps these lovely photos will...

St Patricks Day Decor




Row one: clover cake toppers, Row two: centerpiece, clovers, Row three: bottles, bunting, Row four: grasshopper bars, Row five: corned beef sandwiches/cupcakes, Row six: Irish cream