Southern Fish Fry, Nashville-style

Fried Catfish DC-1 I grew up frequenting catfish shacks on Sunday afternoons once church let out. My parents and grandparents were huge fans of the deep-fried "mudcats," but me, not so much. I always ordered chicken fingers and stole hushpuppies off my sisters' plates. It wasn't that I didn't like catfish, I just didn't think it was anything to write home about; this recipe definitely just changed my mind.

I took some inspiration from Nashville and bathed my catfish fillets in Tabasco before dredging them in a cajun flavored cornmeal mixture. The amazing crust shatters like glass thanks to the assistance of Wondra and cornstarch. The resulting catfish is complex, tangy, and just hot enough so you'll keep coming back for more. Pair the goodness with buttermilk coleslaw, beer-battered Cajun fries, and creamy-corn hushpuppies for a true Southern feast, and don't forget the ice cold beer!

Get the recipe at The Kitchn: Southern Fried Catfish